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OL- 3 : 300


OL- 3 : 300

$25,000.00 $20,000.00


Omega OL series lithium battery system is a high tech product, which is developed by MAKPOWER Technology Inc. Lithium ion batteries are designed to meet the advanced requirements of telecom industry with its long cycle life, flexible structure, advance technology Battery Management System; available in market with capacity range of 3Ah-300Ah (single cell). It is emerging as an extremely intelligent, reliable and environment friendly product by supporting green energy initiatives. The product has terrific expansibility, and it not only can be used independently, but also can be used with multi groups in parallel, meanwhile the connection method is simple and reliable. Key Features : LiFe PO4 - LFP Solution, Provides Extra Ordinary Long Cycle life, Faster Charging, Capacity :12V- 48DC (5-50AH), Extremely High Rate Capability, Wide working temperature Range, Long Service LiFe, Extremely Safe / Stable Chemistry, Faster Charging, High Energy density.

Applications :
UPS, Communication Equipment, Fire Alarm and Security Systems, Industrial Control Systems, Emergency Lighting, Sports and Leisure Equipment



Technical Specifications
Single box overall dimension (mm)440 × 460×130
Weight (KG)30kg
Design Life20years of lifetime @ 25°C
Rated voltage [V]-48V
Rated capacity [C2][Ah]50 Ah
Voltage range (V)-43.2V ~-54V
Charging voltage (V)-54V
Charging modeCC/CV
Rated charging current (A)≤50A
Rated discharging current (A)≤50A
Operating ambient temperature-20 OC~+60 OC
Storage temperature0 OC+40 OC
Relative humidityI5%~95%RH
Wifi FunctionOptional
Key Components1) 48V 50 AH LFP Battery (15 pieces of 3.2V 50 AH cells in series) 2) BMS 3) System cabinet