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Automatic Switched Capacitor Systems

Introduction: Compact sized, wall mounted or floor mounted fully digitally controlled, 4-step switched capacitor panel for all small installation/connected loads of up to 200hp, available in 30, 40, 50, 60 & 70 KVAR’s. Customised versions upto 1000 kVAR also available. These panels are successfully working at various utilities like Industrial companies over last few years.

Applications: All consumer using a 3ph, 415/440 Volts, 50/60Hz supply either from electricity Board or a DG Set, mainly service industries like Hotels, Hospitals,Telephone exch’s and individual motor loads of 30hp & above.

Features & Benefits:

  • Reduction in current drawn from EB or DGSet - Reduced energy bill and increased extra availability of power.
  • Reduction in losses by reduction in current. - Enhances life of conductors motors, transformers by reduction in heating losses.
  • Optimum usage of power drawn. - Automatic switching of capacitors for desired VAR (Reactive) Compensation and maintains the system power factor close to unity
  • Digital control of switching of capacitors to maintain unity power factor. - Avoids leading PF thus ensure proper meter reading
  • Operates within acceptable levels of 5% Total Harmonic Distortion of Current & Voltage. - Uninterrupted operation of the system loads.


CONFIGURATION: Operation: Autovar harmonic filters are designed to be sized as any power factor correction unit. In most low voltage applications where harmonics are generated by 6-pulse devices, no harmonic audit is necessary to design the Autovar filter because it is already designed for the worst case environment at the KVAR size specified.

Layout: Two cabinets. Reactors and optional disconnect in one cabinet isolated from heat sensitive capacitors and controller which are in a separate cabinet. This design simplifies maintenance and troubleshooting

Cabinet: 12 gauge steel with Siemens grey, baked enamel. Lift bolts standard.NEMA1.

Power line interconnect: Rugged, copper bus bar connection with access provided for top or bottom entry. All internal power wirin connections from bus are laid out on a most direct basis with minimum bends for ease of troubleshooting.

Modular tray design: Capacitor banks arranged in modular trays withcapacitors, fuses, blown fuse indicating lights, contactors and control fuses grouped in a logical, easily understood layout. This permits easy access, quick identification of operating problems and ease of expandability

Fusing: UL recognized, 200,000 amp interrupting capacity provided on all three phases of each bank. Blade-type fuses mounted on insulator stand-offs.

Blown-fuse lights: Blown fuse indicating lights located on the door and at individual fuses to facilitate tracing of cleared fuses. Push to test: Allows testing of door fuse indicating lights.

Auto Locate: When door is open and bus energized, fuse circuit automatically checks for cleared fuses. If a fuse has cleared,the light atthatfuse comes on for easy troubleshooting.

Door interlock: Door interlock automatically turns off control circuit when engaged. Power continues to be provided to the unit until disconnect is open.

Warning: Bus bars are still live when door interlock engaged.

Interwiring: On-site interwiring of multiple cabinet design is made simple by prenumbered bundles and clear diagrams.

Exhaust fan: Two fans per cabinet provide thermal protection for both capacitor cabinet and reactor cabinet.


  • Moulded case circuit breaker
  • Fused disconnect switch
  • Weather proofing provides NEMA3R rating
  • Dustproofing


ManufactureMAKPOWER Technology Inc., Canada
Rating of the Pane30 to 1200KVAR
Supply Voltage440Volts, 5 0 / 60Hz,+/- 15%
Permissible overcurrent1.3 In
Temperature Standard-10 ºC to+/- 65 ºC
Panel Construction14/16Gauge CRCA sheet steel Epoxy powder coatedin Siemensgrey colour
Reference StandardPanel confirming to IEC4391/2&4391/1
ControlBy using Microprocessor based Power Factor controller; providing intelligent switching based on actual value of KVA required and Bank size.
SwitchingBy using Contactors / Thyristorswith high rupturingMCBback upand also with sufficient contact andcoilrating
No.of steps4/6/12
ProtectionBy usingMCB’s /forindividual steps
DegreeofProtectionConfirms toIP- 54
Capacitor Reference StdCapacitors confirmingtoIS: 13340/IEC 831/IEC60831, UL listed, CSA approved
CapacitorBanksDelta connected3phase cellswith UL listedpressure sensitive interrupter and with individualdischarge
Makeof CapacitorsTBA
solation-Incomer By Molded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB)
ShroudingAll live parts are segregated and shrouded (busbars, Inter Connecting copper Forms andterminals) asperIS 8623
Location /MountingIndoor
InterconnectionFormedtinplatedcopperwires /rod and flats /insulatedcables.
Size of cable/ Conductor10/16 Sq. mm forinternal connection.
CautionAs per IE Rule in English and local language.
ContactorCapacitorDuty typewith inrushlimiting features.