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Power Factor Correction & Filter Panels


Power Factor Correction & Filter Panels

$25,000.00 $20,000.00

Compact sized, wall mounted or floor mounted fully digitally controlled, 4-step switched capacitor panel for alt small installation/connected loads of up to 200hp, available in 30, 40, 50, ó0 & 70 KVAR‘s. Cu stomised versions upto 1000 kVAR also available. These panels are successfully working at various utilities like Industrial companies over fast few years

Applications: AII consumer using a 3ph, 415/440 Volts, 50/ó0Hz supply either from electricity Board or a DG Set, mainly service industries like Hotels, HospitaIs,Telephone exch’s and individual motor loads of 30hp & above


Features & Benefits
  • Reduction in current drawn from EB or DGSet
    Reduced energy bill and increased extra availability of power.
  • Reduction in losses by reduction in current.
    Enhances life of conductors motors, transformers by reduction in heating losses.
  • Optimum usage of power drawn.
    Automatic switching of capacitors for desired VAR (Reactive) Compensation and maintains the system power factor close to unity
  • Digital control of switching of capacitors to maintain unity power factor.
    Avoids leading PF thus ensure proper meter readinp
  • Operates within acceptable levels of 5% Total Harmonic Distortion of Current & Voltage.
    Uninterrupted operation of the system loads.


Technical Specifications
ManufactureMAKPOWER Technology mc., Canada
Rating of the Panel30 to 1 200KVAR
Supply Voltage440 Volts, 5 0/ ó0 Hz, +/-15%
Permissible overcurrent1.3 In
Temperature Standard-10 “C to +/- ó5 ”C
Panel Construction14/16 Gauge CRCA sheet steel Epoxy powder coated in Siemens grey colour
Reference StandardPanel confirming to IEC4391/2&4391/1
COFItFO)By using Microprocessor based Power Factor controller; providing intelligent switching based on actual value of KVA required and Bank size.
SvUtchingBy using Contactors / Thyristors with high rupturinp MCB baCk up and also with sufficient contact and coil rating
No. of steps4/ó/12
ProtectionBy using MCB’s / for individual steps
Degree of ProtectionConfirma to IP - 54
Capacitor Reference Std.Capacitors confirming to IS: 13340/IEC 831/IEC60831, UL listed, CSA approved
CapacitorBanksDelta connected 3 phase cells with UL listed pressure sensitive interrupter and with individual discharge
Make of CapacitorsTBA
Isolation-lncomerBy Molded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB)
ShroudingAII live parts are segregated and shrouded (busbars, Inter Connecting copper Forms and terminals) as per IS 8ó23
Location / Mountinglndoor
InterconnectionFormed tin plated copper wires / rod and flats/ insulated cables.
Size of cabIe/ Conductor 10/1ó Sq. mm for internal connection.
CautionAs pe IE Rue in English ad loa language.
ContactorCapacitor Duty type with inrushlimiting features.