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MAKPOWER offers CALCIUM-Plus Standby-Power cells–OPzS series capaci􀆟es ranging from 100Ah to 3000Ah. These flooded cells are designed to provide superior performance for both high cycling , float/long duration applications and reliability over the life of the battery. These cells are manufactured using state of the art techniques, quality components and materials for reduced maintenance and extended battery life.

Advantages of OPzS Batteries

– Reduced watering requirements

– Cast at 150 bars pressure ensures better compression and packing of lead ensuring long cycle life of 20 years plus.

– Allows visual internal condition of cells

– Enhances cell safety and easy visual of terminal polarity

– Provides faster conductivity and failproof connections requiring less maintenance

– Stop acid creeping and corrosion. Allows growth of the positive terminal ensuring no breakage of cover in service life

– 20 year float life and seismic qualification

– For reliable performance and no excess cycling of the cells required in the field to reach rated capacity-saves money and time for users.

Major Applications

For Nuclear Power plants, Electric Power Genera􀆟on facilities, Petrochemical plants, Switchgear and control applications, Wind, hydro & solar photovoltaic, Large UPS Systems, Railway signaling, Telecommunications.