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Modular 3- Phase UPS system MAGNON MPS SERIES (30KVA-1000KVA)


Modular 3- Phase UPS system MAGNON MPS SERIES (30KVA-1000KVA)

$25,000.00 $20,000.00

  • Data Centers
  • Transportation
  • Local Area Networks
  • Servers
  • Industrial PLCs
  • Industrial Processes
  • Cash Registers
  • Emergency Devices ( Lights/Alarms)
  • Telecom Facilities
  • E - Business
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  • Double Conversion Online Technology
  • Transformer-less architecture: lower space and weight
  • Excellent power capability, up to 1000kVA without additional tools
  • 20/50kW hot-swappable power modules for predictive power management and lowest MTTR
  • AC/AC Efficiency in double conversion
    up to 96%
  • Output PF = 1
  • Modular design, including power module, bypass module,monitoring module, can be easily integrated in customized cabinets.
  • Width input voltage range, line voltage range is 138-485V
  • High input power factor, it is up to 0.99.
  • THDi<3% (100% nonlinear load), THDi<5% (50% non - linear load)
  • Sleeping mode to save power
  • Support parallel expanded operation: maximum is 4 units
  • Batteries number of each group can be selected from 30 pieces to 50 pieces.
  • Large charging current can meet the requirement of long time backup.
  • Output power factor is 1.0, UPS can supply power to 100% unbalance load.
  • High adaptability for load, it can connect full inductive load or capacitive load.
  • 7 inches colorful touch screen
  • Support RS485, SNMP, Dry contact card , support RJ 45 interface and CAN interface.
  • Support upgrade of CAN of power module inside of the cabinet.


Power module
Nominal power (kVA/kW)25/25
Dimensions W x D x H (mm)440 x 620 x 86
Weight (kg)21
Phase3Ph + N + G
Nominal voltage (V)380/ 400/ 415
Voltage range (V)304 to 478 VAC (at full load), 304 to 478 VAC (at full load) 228 to 304 VAC (with load decreasing linearly), 138 to 485 VAC
Frequency (Hz)50/60
Frequency range (Hz)40/70
Power factor0.99
Input THDi<3% (with linear load)
Voltage (V)3Ph + N: 380/400/ 415
Voltage regulation≤±1.5
Output THDv<1% (with linear load) <45% (with non linear load)
Output PF1
Crest factor3:1
Frequency (Hz)50/60
Overload capacity110 % for 60 min, 125% for 10 min, 150% for 1 min, >150% for 200 ms
AC/AC efficiency in double conversion (VFI)Up to 96%
AC/AC efficiency in ECO Mode (VFD)Up to 98.5 %
Battery line
Nominal DC voltage (VDC) ±240 (with +/N/- connections)
Quantity of lead acid batteries (12V each)40 (30 -50 optional )
Recharge power10 % system power (nominal value); Settable: from 0 to 20% system power
Temperature compensation (mV/°C)-3.0 (selectable: 0 to -5.0)
User interface
Display7'' LCD + LED, Color touch screen + Keyboard
IP protection degreeIP20
Standard communication portsRS232; RS485, Dry contacts, USB
Optional communication portsSNMP, Expansion Dry contact card
Operating temperature (°C)0 to 40
Storage temperature (°C)-40 to 70
Relative humidity0 to 95%
Noise at 1 m distance (dB)65 (with nominal load); 62 (with 45% of load)
Standards and certifications
SafetyIEC EN 62040-1
EMCIEC EN 62040-2
Test and performanceIEC EN 62040-3