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Genesis NTC Series (6 & 10k VA)


Genesis NTC Series (6 & 10k VA)

$25,000.00 $20,000.00

Parallel Redudancy

In order to achieve maximum power capacity and the advantages of using only one battery, many Genesis NTC series systems can be connected.

Sophisticated UPS with High Performance

The Genesis NTC series exceeds the power of conventional UPS systems by 20 percent with a high power factor of 0.9 along with efficiencies upto 94%.

Green Concept Design

The systems of the Genesis NTC series are capable of delivering superior perfectly tuned input voltage windows for energy saving. During operational life, as well as in the energy-efficient ECO operating modes, efficiency is significantly enhanced.

Compact and Versatile

Our advanced battery technology provides charging characteristics to be battery-preserved, along with the ability to swap the battery pack to ensure easy and rapid maintenance. The dual directional interface allows you to check all parameters of the UPS but also allows the UPS to be configured directly.


  • Rack/Tower Convertible
  • Flexible system configuration
  • Graphic LCD Display with Multifunction Parameter Setttings
  • N+X Parallel Redundancy
  • Online Double Conversion with DSP Control
  • High Output Power Factor at 0.9
  • Low Input Current Distortion
  • Green Concept Design with Superior Input Voltage Window for Energy Saving
  • Efficiency up to 94%
  • Estimated Running Time Displayed on the LCD
  • Economic Operation Mode (ECO)
  • Settable Battery Voltage
  • Temperature-controled fan
  • Matching Battery Pack with Powerful Charger Built-in
  • Common Battery when UPS in Parallel Mode
  • Versatile Communication Interfaces
  • Cold Start
  • Communication Software
  • Generatir Compatible
  • Intelligent Fan Speed Regulation


Technical Specifications
ModelsNTC106, NTC110
Capacity ( VA/Watts )6000 VA / 5400W, 10000 VA / 9000 W
Nominal Voltage208/220/230/240 VAC
Frequency Range45-55 Hz / 54-66 Hz (extendable to 40~70 Hz when load < 60%
Power Factor/(THDi)≥0.99 (THDi <5%)
Input Voltage Range<3%( 100% linear load )
Generator InputSupport
Rated Output Voltage208/220/230/240 VAC
Power Factor0.9
Voltage Regulation±1%
Voltage WaveformPure Sinewave
Crest Factor3:1
Overload responseLoad≤110% - 60min; ≤125% - 10min; ≤150% - 1min; >150% turn to bypass mode immediately
Harmonic Distortion (THDv)≤2% THD (Linear load) and ≤5% THD (Non-linear load)
TypeSealed, maintenance free, integrated, hot swappable
Battery Voltage±96/±108/±120 VDC (Adjustable)
Typical Recharging Time6~8 hours ( to 90% of full capacity )
Backup TimeLong run unit depends on the capacity of external batteries Estimated remaining time displayed on the LCD
Charging CurrentStandard Unit: 1A; Long Runtime Unit: 10A; Charging current can be set according to battery capacity installed.
System Features
Overload Line ModeLoad≤110%: -60min; ≤125%: -10min; ≤150%:-1S;>150% turn to bypass mode
Overload Bypass Mode40A(Breaker) ( NTC 106 ) and 60A(Breaker) (NTC110)
OverheatLine Mode: Turn to Bypass; Bat. Mode: Shut down UPS immediately
Self-diagnosticsUpon power on and software control
EPO (optional)Shut down UPS immediately
Noise SuppressionComplies with EN62040-2
Audible & Visual AlarmsLine failure, Battery low, Overload, System fault
Status LED & LCD displayLine mode, Backup mode, Eco mode, Bypass mode, Battery under voltage, Battery bad, Overload & UPS fault
Reading on the LCD displayInput voltage, Input frequency, Output voltage, Output frequency, Load percentage, Battery voltage, Inner temperature & Remaining battery backup time
Communication InterfaceUSB,RS232,Parallel port, SNMP card/Relay card (optional)
Dimension W×H×D (mm)440 x 625 x 86.5
Net Weight (kg) 16 ( NTC 106 ) and 18 ( NTC 110 )
Environment and Management
Operating Temperature0⁰C ~ 40⁰C
Humidity Range20~95%RH @ 0~40⁰C (Non condensing)
Storage Temperature-25⁰C ~ 55⁰C
Altitude< 1500m, derating required when >1500m
Noise Level ( at 1 meter) < 55dB for NTC 106 and <58dB for NTC 1010
EMCIEC/EN62040-2,IEC61000-4-2,IEC61000-4-3,IEC61000-4-4,I EC61000-4-5,IEC61000-4-6, IEC61000-4-8