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MKT Series Transformer- (30-1000A)


MKT Series Transformer- (30-1000A)

$25,000.00 $20,000.00

1 Phase and 3 Phase

MAKPOWER advanced technology high efficiency transformers are designed to deliver optimal high efficiency for lower operating costs. Exceeding national efficiency standards, MAKPOWER transformers deliver true energy savings under both linear and non-linear loads.

System Monitoring:

The award winning monitoring system with provides real time energy and power quality information at a glance. All monitors are requipped with universal communications ports for easy interface with building management systems.


An available hinged front port provides a quick and easy way to access all power connections, while optional infrared transparent windows allow for safe routine thermal scanning without opening the interior doors.

MAKPOWER high efficiency transformers are designed to provide years of reduced energy costs, reduced energy consumption, and therefore reduced impact on the environment. Additionally, our ecofriendly design and manufacturing process strives to maximize recycling methods.

Tested and Verified to National Standards:

To verify performance of actual efficiency, all MAKPOWER energy efficient transformers are tested to a nationally recognized method using third party verified equipment. All transformers are provided with a serialized test data sheet to validate performance to ensure customers get the efficiency they pay for sustainability

Better by Design:

We invite you to look further at the technology and advantages of MAKPOWER MKT transformers. A 240°C thermal shielding between windings delivers an extra margin of safety and design and extends operating life. Welded tap connections and large flat bus termination points also eliminate “hot spots” found in most other manufacturer’s transformers.


The MAKPOWER represents an optimal solution for: data centers, K–12, colleges, universities, government, healthcare, industrial, and commercial buildings where lower operating costs, energy savings, and the environment are a priority.



  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Lower heat generation / less Cooling Capacity required
  • Reduced greenhouse emissions
  • Meets Matt efficiency Standards
  • Qualifies for Lead building Criteria
  • Optional revenue-accurate metering Connect on port
  • Integral electrical Performance & Commissioning Capability via MKT’s nationwide service team
  • Customizable load level efficiency maximization
  • Customer-Specific Power Quality Characteristics available
  • Independently Verified efficiency testing & Verification
  • Real time efficiency Status Monitoring Capability


Technical Specifications
kVA Ratings 30-1000 kVA
K FactorSpecifiable K1 Through K30 6 Compensation Taps (4 FCBN, 2 FCAN)
Phase1 Phase and 3 Phas
Input 3-Phase, 3 Wire Plus Ground
Input Voltage at 50 Hz 415 or 380
Input Voltage at 60 Hz600, 480 or 208V
Output 3-Phase, 4 Wire Plus Ground
Output Voltage at 50 Hz415/240 or 380/220V
Output Voltage at 60 Hz 600, 480 or 208/120V
Impedance2.0 - 4.5% Average ± 0.25%
Transformer DesignsDelta Wye , Delta Zig Zag, Dual Zig Zag, Quad-Wye, Medium Voltage, Autotransformers
Operating Conditions
Operating TemperatureAmbient 0°C To 40°C
Storage Temperature Ambient -10°C To +40°C
50 Hz Operating Range 47-53 Hz
60 Hz Operating Range 57-63 Hz
Relative Operating Humidity 90% Non-Condensing