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ADC Series Modular DC Rectifiers


ADC Series Modular DC Rectifiers

$25,000.00 $20,000.00

MAKPOWER’s ADC Series robust indoor cabinet developed for telecom power systems. A complete system includes high efficiency rectifiers, AC and DC connections, battery connection and the advanced controller. MAKPOWER is known for quality and product reliability – in this solution that has been combined to optimize the total cost of ownership.
Main features:
Scalable power system up to 600 A Truly modular building blocks High efficiency rectifiers up to 96.2 % Enhanced monitoring and controlling with controller
Central offices Mobile telephone switching offices Data centers  


  • Remote monitoring with modem or LAN
  • Integrated, user friendly WEB server, display and keypad
  • Integrated PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) functions to enhance flexibility, monitoring and controlling site infrastructure
  • Advanced battery management and testing methods
  • Easy maintenance by pluggable architecture


Mains ConnectionCable / Screw terminals
AC Configuration3L + PE (DPR 6000B-48 based), 3L + N + PE (DPR 2900B/4000B)
Nominal input voltage400 VRMS (L-L), 230 VRMS (L-N)
Frequency range45 … 66 Hz
Main switchesOptional
Individual rectifier fusesOptional
Lightning protectionOptional for single input
Output voltage range42-58 VDC; 53.5 VDC nom
Output current (max.)600 A
Load distribution options30 x MCB (1-3 per cabinet), 40 x MHCB (1-3 per cabinet) 13 x 22 x 58 (1-3 per cabinet) + combinations
Battery connection options8-9P x MCB 27 mm, 6 x NH00, 2-3 x NH02, 2-3 x EFEN02, 2 x EFEN03
LVD (battery)Optional
Local interfaceDisplay, menu structure, keypads, LEDs
Remote monitoringAlarm relays, modems, WEB Interface, SNMP protocol
Cabinet dimensions1800x600x600 mm (HxWxD), 2000x600x600 mm (HxWxD), 2200x600x600 mm (HxWxD)
Weight60 - 130 kg
Operating temperature-25 - +45 °C
Humidity (relative)95 % max, non cond.
Environment standardETSI EN 300 019-1-3
Safety standardIEC EN 60950
EMC standardEN 300 386
PackingVertical for truck transport, Horizontal for shipping / air