Product Range & Solutions

1. Small/ Medium Business / Single PC Application

Power Supply Solutions to protect your Equipment Damage and Data loss. Ideal for PC Protection and Small/ Medium Scale Business.

2. Network Solution.

Power solutions for network server, intranet, extranet in which a power loss can result in hardware damage, data and file loss, system error, time wastage ..

3. Telecom and Broadcasting 

Your telecommunications centers require very high-quality current in restricted environments. Possible risks : component damage, financial losses, hardware losses, customer dissatisfaction...

4. Industrial and Medical Equipments

Power solutions for Time Critical Applications where a steady and reliable 
power supply is essential where the lack of an ideal power solution may 
result in Productivity loss, Medical Risk …

5. Server Protection

Power Solutions where Continuous data availability is a must where priority given to customer satisfaction, 100% Uptime Guarantee, Extremely high level of data Security ..