Company Profile

Power Solution Devices have become critical equipments for hospitals, call centers, and indeed any business that stores important information on a computer or file server.

Makpower Technology is a Canadian Power Solutions Company engaged in manufacture, sales and service of UPS systems, Inverters, Converters, Constant Voltage Transformers, surge suppressors, rectifiers, and other type of power supplies widely used in the field of small/ medium business, enterprise-wide networks, mission – critical telecommunication systems, broadcasting, Medical equipments and industrial or manufacturing processes.

Our engineering teams are continually updated on state-of-the-art developments in the field of power protection. They have the required expertise to render advice at all the stages of the Project such as Planning, Installation and Commissioning of power protection equipment. 

Our Vision is to ensure superior customer satisfaction by providing un-interrupted electrical supply 24/7.

We work on a simple premise : The well being of a clients business is vital for our business success. It is therefore our mission to equip our clientele with what it takes to ensure that they are most competitive in a demanding business environment. Needless to add, we take care to ensure that all our solutions are delivered in time and within budget.